Policy Platforms

  1. Ethics Reform

    • Transparency with financial disclosures

    • Disclose all campaign contributions

    • Remove members from serving on committees where they receive donations

  2. Education Reform

    • Test students less and train teachers more

    • Create more vocational opportunities

    • Focus on accommodations of special needs students

  3. Health Care Reform

    • Make health care more affordable and efficient

    • Increase access to mental health programs

    • Make preventative care free or drastically reduced

  4. Bring Unity back to Congress

    • Eliminate the Aisle

    • Create a Common Sense caucus

    • Look for common ground before resisting

  5. Serve our Veteran Community

    • Create incentives for employers to hire veterans workers

    • Reform the VA to include more access and choice.

    • Create transition programs to help our Veterans adjust back to civilian life.